fredag 31. desember 2010

Christmas and New Years

SO, irl stuff update time.


We were a bit troubled during the time, feeling that we'd neither get presents nor get invited anywhere as usual, and it turned out true. I got 3 presents total, and dad two. My sister also two.

Presents were;
300kr from grandma and grandpa on mom's side.
200kr and a jewelry box from grandma and grandpa on dad's side.
and that's it. XD; I'm giving all the money to dad incase we need it otherwise, but the jewelry box will come to good use for mom's old ones.

I made dinner, which I sadly have no pictures of since Gugu so cheerfully broke my camera.
It turned out suprisingly nice, and even better for my self-esteem is that I did everything on instinct! My instinct fails me so often this was a very nice change indeed. Dad complimented it a lot and we had christmas dinner for days after.

New Years;

We celebrated the start of the Eve at Ida-Mari/Zabor's with a lovely dinner served by her mother. I ate so much my stomach got bad. D; That's how lovely it was. Icecream for desert I also ate some off, that was nice, but not as good, and not homemade. I enjoyed some cider with the food that we bought in Sweden earlier that day.

And the last of the Eve I spent with my dad at home watching a documentary about my favorite time in history, the 1880's, or more specifically the 1885's. Quite lovely, and a nice start of the new year.

Here's hoping things'll turn out better this year! Cheers!

onsdag 1. desember 2010

Ain't no running from.

Not much change, got some art drawn.