torsdag 25. august 2011

Dresses I like.

So I decided to go on a search for pretty dresses after remembering a dress that Waffel said I should get something like, but its pretty much impossible to find a dress that can compare in modern stores!

Ohwell, here are some pretty dresses I like anyways. :0c

Long sleeve maxi dress

farfetch from Black White Denim
Wilmslow, United Kingdom

'Lovelorn' dress

farfetch from Bernard
London, United Kingdom

Vtg Turquoise Blue Dress with White Polka Dots

Silk shirt and jersey skirt dress by Paul Smith Black.

Knitted dress from Farhi by Nicole Farhi.

Stripey dress.

Long dress with an adorable message <3

And that's all I could find for now really.

We love youuu~ *smooch* <3

onsdag 24. august 2011

Lets forget my personal life for the moment,

and go look at some clothes at Forever21.

Ponte Dress w/ Belt". Rather badass, and fits my taste well, but I REALLY would prefer it be atleast an inch longer, can almost see up where you should not be able to see. o-o Ohdear.

Find it here!

Truth or dare top? Cute. (those shorts in the picture are horrendous though D': Ohgod, wear jeans with this if you're going to wear it. )"Biker

Find it here!

Classic baseball top? Always a huge hit for me, I love its basic design and how balanced it is. Especially the color on this one, girly, but not an overdose of it.

Get it here!

This sweater is rather adorable really, I like the pattern on it, and that it hangs low on the shoulders. Eventhough I dislike the color combination a bit, it totally passes my test.
If I wasn't so money greedy, I'd instantly buy it.

Find it here!

Knitted ponchos are also always a win. Easy to combine with simple tank tops to make them look so much better than they do alone. And so much more elegant! With this simple thing you can make the simplest of outfits make you look like an elegant sophisticated lady and I LOVE it!

Lise's full approval on this one!

Find it here!

Loose top with tight ends? And stripes? Ohgod yes. This is a certain win with me and I've always found it to be complimenting to the body honestly. I love how feminine it seems too.

Find it here!

Well, that'll be the few clothes I've picked out for now~ If I find out that people like that I do this I might do it more often however. .w. I have NO clue if people are interested in clothes that I pick out personally, but I don't give a shit most of the time, and is why this post is here in the first place.

Well, I'm out! Lise and Gugu loves you! *smoochsmooch*