torsdag 28. oktober 2010

Chimo profile

First drawing I did of this char.

Uploading this again to make it seem more organized, since it's reference for the character I'll be posting info for.'

NAME: Chimo
BIOGRAPHY: Born in an ancient city, now lost and in ruins, Chimo goes on a journey to find it once again. The city was destroyed by a plauge and his people now gone.
AGE: 17
HEIGHT: 156cm
WEIGHT: 57kg
BODY TYPE: Thin, with slight hints of muscle
FACE TYPE: Rather round, soft face.
COMPLEXION: Slightly tan, though not very.
EYES: Grey eyes, very dark and rather emotionless.
HAIR: White hair unevenly to some centimeters below the chin.
CLOTHING STYLE: Mainly loose cloth, headwraps, some jewelry. Basic deserty-gear with a few pouches on a string around his waist.
SPEAKING STYLE: Keeps his words as simple as he can and his sentences short.
GENERAL DEMEANOR: Doesn't talk much, generally dislikes people. Suspicious. Deals with things as they come. He also considers stealing from others a way of life and sees nothing whatsoever wrong with it.
CAREER: Thief / Trader
PREJUDICES: Slow people, innocent people (Eventhough he is fairly so himself.)
BEST QUALITIES: Decent hand to hand and dagger skills. Likes to keep his promises. Determined. Helpful. Smart.
WORST QUALITIES: Breaks promises anyways. Has no real respect for others. Bitchy.
WEAKNESSES: Not very stong, has trouble getting friends.
HOBBIES: Playing detective.
TALENTS: Sneaky and silent, Determined. Is good at solving problems, an extremely good eye for details in his surroundings (photogenic memory).

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