torsdag 28. oktober 2010

Life update.

It's sad I update this thing more than anything, and after what I know no one even reads it.


Ohwell, I guess the lack of attention here is what attracts me to it, sort of.
A good place to get out my thoughts.

Spent a lot of yesterday arguing, and kitty stuff.
Not a good day, today, however, seems to be luckier. Lets hope for the best?

Woke up at about 7am after going to bed at 3am. I should sleep more, but lamely enough I'm actually too lazy to go to bed lmfao, also I got an rping going on. Just waiting for Nie to come back.

Dad offered to help me write a ticket to Subeta- ... I'm suprised he cares enough to wanna do that. Made me rather happy to be honest.

The kittens keep trying to sleep on me, and I keep putting them on the bed. ... Tiresome.
:v But cute.

More pictures soon.

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